We’ve heard about a renovation?

Well, we’re glad that you asked. We are renovating the rooms starting October 2019 and the restaurant and common area spring 2020. You’re going to love the new look.

The Oliver Hospitality has been working very hard to revamp Lewmarnel’s food and drink offerings. If it’s been a few years or you’ve never tried, the food is outstanding.

Do you have a restaurant

Can I walk to Heavenly Village from the hotel

We are only four blocks away from the Heavenly Gondola. There is a dedicated path from our hotel all the way to the village. It’s super convenient to walk with skis and boots.

Do you offer access to the beach

Station House offers complimentary beach passes to all guests during the summer months. And it’s only two blocks away. We go barefoot.

Get here early. Breakfast is complementary and really good. Guaranteed!

What about the breakfast that everyone talks about

Station House Inn is part of group of delightful hotels developed and managed by Oliver Hospitality. If you like the Station House Inn, then you’re going to love what we offer in Nashville, Atlanta and Knoxville.

Who manages the hotel