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Kirkwood Ski, Squaw Valley Ski

Kirkwood Ski Resort & Squaw Valley

South Lake Tahoe is known for its incredible ski resorts, and two of the best are Kirkwood Ski Resort and Squaw Valley USA. With numerous runs of all levels plus a huge variety of activities and diversions, both Lake Tahoe ski resorts offer fun-filled days on the mountains that will inspire you to challenge yourself while having a wonderful time.

Kirkwood Ski Resort - South Lake Tahoe Skiing and Snowboarding -

The local's choice, Kirkwood Ski Resort boasts "America's deepest snow." Between the lofty elevations, a High Sierra snow belt and the enigmatic "K-Factor," there are plenty of theories as to why. With more than 65 trails , Kirkwood Ski Resort offers 2,300 ski-able acres along with a vertical rise of 2,000 feet that will thrill both skiers and snowboarders. Kirkwood Ski Resort is located 36 miles away from our hotel, south on the Alpine State Highway near Caples Lake. For more information, visit www.kirkwood.com.
Squaw Valley Ski South Lake Tahoe, California

Squaw Valley Ski - Lake Tahoe Skiing and Snowboarding -

Best known for hosting the VIII Winter Olympic Games, Squaw Valley Ski Resort offers a wide variety of activities and options for any level of skier . You'll find 33 lifts, including North America's only Funitel and an aerial Cable Car, which access 6 peaks, 4,000 acres and 2,850 vertical feet of terrain. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located 38 miles from our hotel, just around the west side of Lake Tahoe to the north. For more information, visit www.squaw.com.

Kirkwood Ski Resort & Squaw Valley USA - Lake Tahoe Skiing -

No matter which ski resort you choose to hit the slopes at, our hotel provides an ideal base for your mountain excursions. Start the day right with our hot , cooked-to-order breakfast to fuel yourself up for the long ski runs, and return at the end of the day to your comfortable guest room with plush bedding and all the comforts of home . If you dream of flying down snow-covered slopes with the wind in your hair and the sunshine on your face, the Lake Tahoe area should be high on your list of vacation destinations.
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